Important: Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue is completely different than any “Cold Blue” you may have tried before. It does not oxidize the metal but rather, bonds to and colors the metal in a two-part process, producing a beautiful, durable finish that rivals any factory or hot blue. For that reason, be sure to follow ALL directions closely to achieve the desired results.  Wear rubber gloves to protect hands and keep finger oils and acids off the metal. DO NOT USE acetone, solvents, cleaners, degreasers, rust removers or any chemicals other than Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to prepare the metal prior to refinishing. These products can leave residues in the pores of the metal and interfere with the bonding process of Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue.

  1. If it is necessary to remove old factory blue, cold blue or other finishes, use Blue Wonder™ Blue Removal System which is formulated for complete compatibility and superior results. (Skip this step for touch-ups or for a new gun). DO NOT USE Birchwood Casey® or any other blue removers as they can leave residues which interfere with the bonding process. Factory finishes can also be removed by using Scotch-Brite™ abrasive pads in combination with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner. Remove any rust using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner following instructions for rust removal. See website for details.
  2. For best results, the areas to be refinished should be free from pits, scratches, etc. These can be removed using Scotch-Brite™ abrasive pads and/or emery cloth. For a higher gloss finish, polishing compound or jeweler’s rouge may be used; however, prior to refinishing, you must soak the piece overnight in lacquer thinner to remove all residues and then proceed to step #3 below. If the surface is cleaned and prepared properly, Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue will apply evenly and without streaking, even on polished surfaces.
  3. After surface is properly prepared, clean all areas thoroughly using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner with “0000” steel wool to remove any oil, lacquer thinner, grease, fingerprints, etc.
  4. Apply a coat of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner gel to areas to be refinished and “while the gel is on the metal” use a propane torch, heat gun or hair dryer and heat the area to 120°F - 140°F (hot to the touch but not hot enough to cause a burn). Using a paper towel, completely wipe the hot gel off of the metal. Do not touch the piece with bare fingers or let it contact any oil, grease or other substance as the bluing will not bond to these areas.
  5. SHAKE the Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue vigorously before use and “While the metal is still hot” apply with a soft paper towel. Wad up the paper towel and “Saturate” an area of it with the Gun Blue. Wipe it liberally on the areas to be refinished until well wetted, using gentle even strokes. Re-wet the paper towel with Gun Blue as needed and shake the bottle before each application. Continue using the same area of the towel, otherwise it will absorb too much liquid. Apply as many coats as needed to obtain the desired darkness (minimum 5-6; maximum 15-16). Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue will not remove, harm, bond to or affect factory finishes, so for “TOUCHUPS”, apply it to the bare areas and overlap the factory finish until it blends in and matches.