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Blue Wonder Reviews

We can always tell you what we think about Blue Wonder, but here is what our customers have to say!

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Based on 136 reviews
Great stuff

I have used this product to restore many old guns to the condition we old guys remember the weapon looked like when first we were allowed to shoot our grandfathers’ treasured firearms. Cannot recommend it enough.

Haven't used the products yet.

Better than I thought

First time using Blue Wonder gun black. I did not have high expectations for the product. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. I will continue to use it. If using it for the first time, I recommend searching on Google for "How to use Blue Wonder Gun Bluing". This made it very clear how to use it.

Blue Wonder Gun Black and Cleaners

Product was delivered damaged but Blue Wonder shipped out a replacement with no hassles. Gun cleaner works better than expected and is simple to use. Gun Black is not difficult to apply and works great! Will be back for more.

Works great

I have used Brownell's Oxpho Blue for years with great results. I tried Blue Wonder and the result was fantastic. This is now my go to bluing.
Just follow the instructions for a professional looking job every time.

Nylon 66

Well worth the cost. I restored a Nylon 66 for a good friend of mine that knows nothing about guns. My 1st time to do this but it turned out rather well. I wanted it darker but it's not far from original. Thank you for the directions.

Wood Shine

Blue Wonder's Wood Shine works great! Wood Shine made the grain pop on an old shotgun from 1950s. Woodworking is a hobby of mine, and I love how Blue Wonder's Wood Shine cleaned up the wood stock on that old shotgun and brought the gran back to life! Easy to apply and absolutely looks wonderful. Love it!!!!


Blue Wonder's Gun Black kit + Blue Wonder's Blue Remover & Stabilizer = SUPER NICE DIY FINISH!!! Several decades ago, I blued a shotgun, and it was awful (did not use Blue Wonder that time). However, this weekend I gave Blue Wonder a whirl on an old 30-30 that needed some TLC (2nd attempt in my life to blue a gun). I'm not sure how to attach a picture to this review, which is dissappointing. The sides of the receiver are mirror-image quality! THANK YOU BLUE WONDER!!!!! I am beyond satisfied and beyond happy with the results!!!!!

Back in black

I recently used the blackening kit to fully redo a 22 rifle and touch up on a shotgun. The finish turned out great on the 22 and touch up on the shotgun blended in very well.

Simply Amazing!

This kit was my 4th go to and my last. I have used 3 other blue kits on my saa colt cylinder with very poor results. The best runner up was oxpho blue, and even it is nothing in comparison. This kit is fabulous! Comes with everything you need, and leaves that desirable factory blue that everyone loves and seeks. I would not hesitate to buy another kit for all my touch up’s and full blue jobs.
My only recommendation would be to make sure that whatever you are trying to blue, is nice and warm! I found around 135° to be perfect for a nice blue with no streaking. Also, rubbing alcohol is just fine to use instead of mineral spirits. Happy bluing!

Ok. But did not get the job done.

I was looking for an alternative for touch-up bluing on a Marlin Model 99 outer magazine tube. Blue Wonder provided a weak bluing (almost blue/silver) and did not darken with repeated applications (7 applications) as advertised. Oxpho Blue Gel got the job done much better. I did not try it on a barrel (or other steel components) yet so I cannot comment.

I have not received product

never showed up

This is the best rust remover on the market for firearms!! I used it exclusively as a Professional Gunsmith

Great product

A-1 service and product

I have 1(one) more hunting season before I tackle my next rifle barrel. But I've used in the past with excellent results and it's long lasting.

Great product!

This is the best cold blue product I've used. The metal cleaner is a superb bore cleaner as well. Love it. Priced right, great shipping

Old Timer

Many years ago I bought my first tube of Blue Wonder at a Farm Bureau. Through the years I have proven it works for cleaning, removing rust but not the bluing, and trust it. I ran out so I bought one for myself, and a stocking stuffer for my son.

Very good product

I leave in France and i ordered Black and blue products to renovate a old colt.
Both products are fantastic ! Really good result !
too bad there is no distributor in France because customs fees are high.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Black Gunsmith Kit

Blacking Solution

IT’S SIMPLY GREAT. For years I’ve looked for something that can TOUCH UP PARKERIZING. And this does it. It can’t replace the parkerizing when it’s totally worn off….but when the Parkerizing is thin from light wear… it’s just the trick. Rub it on briskly… then a drop of Developer… wait an hour and SHAZAM…. that wear spot on your old M1 or 1911 is gone. WONDERFUL STUFF.


Works great when you follow the directions

Great kit and works as described

Great stuff. Are you going to be putting out a kit for parkerizing ??

Works inside and outside the barrel

removed all of my loose rust both inside the barrel and on the outer surfaces of the receiver and barrel.