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How to remove gun rust with Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner - 1943 Turkish Mauser

A friend recently brought by a 1943 Ankara Turkish Mauser with some rust near the muzzle. He asked if Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner could remove the rust without harming the bluing. Yes!  It absolutely can. Here's how to remove gun rust with Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner.

Here is what the WWII-ear rifle looked like when we received it. Note the rust near the bayonet mount and muzzle.

Remove Rust with Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner 

We used Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner with 0000 steel wool to quickly remove the rust without harming the bluing.

Generously apply the gun cleaning gel to the 0000 steel wool before attempting to remove the rust.


Rub the affected area lightly with the gel-covered steel wool and let it sit for a few minutes.

Gently Rub the gel-coated steel wool on the affected area

Remove the gel with a cloth and observe the results -- the rust is gone!

Rust is gone after using Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner

Apply Blue Wonder XFR Premium Lubricant to protect from future rust.

Apply Blue Wonder XFR Premium Gun Lubricant to protect from rusting

If the rust caused damage to the firearm's finish, you can touch up the metal with Blue Wonder Gun Blue or Gun Black as appropriate. That story will be for a later post!  

To remove rust from your guns you need the following:

You can also use Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner to remove rust from hand tools, knives (including stainless steel), and to loosen stuck bolts. 

Next, see what we did with the stock and forend with Blue Wonder Wood Shine!

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