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Take the Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner Challenge!

Imagine... A mirror clean bore!  Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner gets out copper and lead that other gun cleaners leave behind. Don't believe us? Take the Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner challenge!

Here's how it works:

  1. Take a gun that you think is already clean.
  2. Make sure it is safe to handle by removing any ammunition and magazines prior to starting this process.
  3. Get a new brass cleaning brush and a tube of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner.
  4. Apply the gun cleaner gel to the brush and run it down the bore seven to ten times.
  5. Tap the brush on a clean paper towel (you will probably see that the gel has already changed color at this point -- blue for copper, black or grey for lead).
  6. Leave the non-toxic biodegradable gel in the bore for ten minutes.
  7. Prepare to be amazed!
  8. Run a patch down the bore and look at all the mess your other gun cleaner left behind.
  9. Oil the barrel with Blue Wonder™ XFR Gun Lubricant to prevent corrosion.


We have performed this test at hundreds of trade shows and in thousands of gun stores across the country and the results have always been the same.

Imagine... A mirror-clean bore!  That's exactly what you get with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner!

Why does this work? Simple -- Micro Penetration Technology.

Most gun cleaners try to remove the copper and lead fouling by dissolving the material inside the bore using caustic and often times very toxic chemicals. They are successful to some extent or another, but they always leave fouling behind.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner penetrates under the copper and lead fouling to break the oxide bond formed from the heat and friction when the bullets are fired. Once that bond is broken, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner literally pulls the fouling out by the roots.

See for yourself -- Take the Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner challenge today!

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