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Quickly Remove Rust with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner is a powerful rust breaker. Use the non-toxic, biodegradable gun cleaning gel with the instructions below to quickly remove rust from the surface of your guns without harming the bluing. 

Rusted Shotgun Barrel

Apply Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to rusted areas and work in with “0000” steel wool or a brass brush until the rust is loosened.  Rub the surface lightly. (This will not harm the bluing!)  For heavier rust, work gel in and let sit for 5 -10 minutes.  Wipe areas with a clean, dry cloth and apply Blue Wonder XFR premium lubricant to prevent further rusting.

Rust removed from barrel using Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner and 0000 Steel Wool

For bare metal areas where harming the bluing is not a concern, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner may be applied with more abrasive products such as ScotchBrite™ abrasive pads, more coarse steel wool, steel brushes, etc. (Use caution as these type abrasive materials will affect the surface finish of the metal and strip any existing bluing). 

To deep clean rust from the pores of metal, first, clean the areas following above instructions.  Then, apply another coat of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to the areas and while the gel is on the metal, use a propane torch and heat the areas to about 130 degrees Farenheit.  (NOTE: Remove or protect wood, plastic or composite components!)  Heating the metal while the gel is on it draws rust particles and residue out of the pores.  While still hot, work the areas further with steel wool or brush and wipe clean with a dry cloth.  Apply Blue Wonder™ XFR premium lubricant to prevent further rusting.

If you've been looking for a solution for how to clean rust off a gun, give this a try.

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