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BREITBART: Montana AG Reveals Armed IRS Agents Rounding Up Gun Purchase Records

Editor's Note: The following article was written by AWR Hawkins and published on Breitbart News on June 17. 

Montana AG Sounds Alarm: Armed IRS Agents Rounding Up Gun Purchase Records

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen spoke to Breitbart News Saturday morning and told us that armed IRS agents rolled into Great Falls’ Highwood Creek Outfitters Wednesday and seized dozens of boxes of ATF form 4473s, the background check form containing information on gun purchasers.

The agents hit the store prior to regular business hours, KRTV reported.

Store owner Tom Van Hoose said, “At 7:30, I came in and they pulled in behind me with 20 heavily armed agents.”

He said by the time all was said and done, the agents left him with about 30 minutes of time to do business so he lost virtually an entire business day.

Van Hoose believes his store is targeted because he sells guns the White House opposes: “I can only assume that it’s because of the style of weapons that we have and the press that’s so against them. The current administration seems to be hell-bent on getting those guns out of the hands of average Americans.”

Read the entire article on Breitbart News.

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