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Using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner as a Bore Cleaner

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner may well be the strongest bore cleaner on the market. Take a gun you think is already clean and apply the gun cleaning gel with the instructions below. You will be shocked at what you get out!

1. Apply a liberal amount of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to a brass gun brush of the proper size.  Run back and forth through the bore 5-6 times and then repeat.  Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner works by "chemical reaction", so let the gel remain on the surface for 5 - 10 minutes - or longer for bores with heavy deposits.
2. After 5 - 10 minutes, run the brush back and forth through the bore 5-6 more times and then run patches until they come out dry.  For a cleaner bore, wad up a piece of toilet paper or paper towel so it fits tightly in the bore and push it through with the cleaning rod.  This cleans the bore better than loose patches as the paper forces itself into the lands and grooves.  Repeat this until they come out dry.  If still dirty after 2-3 times, repeat step 1 above.
3. IMPORTANT!!  After using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, the surface will be chemically clean and free from all copper, lead, powder, etc!  It is VERY IMPORTANT to finish by applying a coat of quality gun oil to prevent rusting.
For bores with very heavy deposits follow step 1 above and then plug one end of barrel with cork or similar object.  From open end, fill bore with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, plug other end.  Let stand overnight and then remove plugs and continue with steps 2 & 3 above.

Imagine... A Mirror Clean Border

Imagine... A Mirror Clean Bore! That's exactly what you get with 

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