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Blue Wonder ™ Gun Care Products

Need a good gun cleaner to remove copper and lead fouling?  Black Powder residue got you down?  Does carbon buildup on your revolver cylinder make you not want to shoot your Cowboy Action guns?  Do you have a wear spot on your favorite carry gun?  Tired of your guns rusting when you take them out in the weather?  Holster looking a little worse for the wear?  What about lubricants that gum up and attract grit sand and powder residue?  Wood stocks looking scratched and dried out?  Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products will provide the solution to the gun maintenance issues you are facing. Visit the individual product page for more detailed information.

One thought on “Blue Wonder ™ Gun Care Products

  1. avatar Wayne Burton says:

    For nearly 40 years I have been refurbishing and restoring numerous firearms not only for myself but many many others who have sought out my services. I have tried just about every brand name firearm restoration product available (and many others not so well known) in the U.S. and as far away as Romania for the different needs of restorative processes. Several years ago I began to try Blue Wonder products and have never looked back since. In fact time I have begun to try most all their products and I could not be happier. XFR was the first and has been a wonderous product and recently I FINALLY tried the Gun Blue on a rusted muzzle loader and the owner couldn’t believe the final transformation. It was one of the finest restorations I have ever produced. Each and every Blue Wonder product I have tried has eventually replaced anything I was previously using. I must admit though, I loose most of my supply of Wood Shine to my wife on our own furniture. Lastly, if you ever have a question or request, you can call and get a human on the phone and get an answer and solution. Customer service is the way it used to be before the big box attitudes we all run into now days.

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