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In Memory of Will Thompson

It is with tremendous sadness that I let you all know that my very dear friend and business partner, Will Thompson passed away early this morning.

I am blessed and honored to have known Will, who I consider one of my very best and closest friends. He was a remarkable man with many talents, and with a heart of gold. One of the nicest, kindest and most genuine people I have ever known.

We have worked together for twelve years and I have had some of the best times of my life enjoying Will’s presence and spending many of our times together filled with roaring laughter!

So, so many fun times I’ll remember and cherish forever…!

Will was a great man who invented all of the Blue Wonder Gun Care Product Line, Novum APR and many other incredible products. He was also the creator of RB-17 Gun Cleaner which has been used throughout the gun world for decades. Will has many, many friends and will be missed by all those who had the honor of knowing him.

My thoughts and prayers are with him always, and with his wife, Judy, and all of his family. May God comfort them in this time of great loss, and grant his richest blessings to Will.

I will always miss you my dear friend… Rest in peace.

Ken Gibbs

President, Blue Wonder Gun Care Products

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