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President Donald Trump Declares August as National Shooting Sports Month

Lana Shadwick takes aim during practice at Shiloh Shooting Range in Houston.President Donald Trump declared the month of August as National Shooting Sports Month. The president's message celebrates the more than 52 million Americans who participate in wide-ranging shooting sports across the country. More than 2 million Americans will be celebrating this month as first-time gun owners following record gun sales in the first half of 2020.

"Americans have a long history of participating in recreational and sport shooting activities.  Early sharpshooters participated in matches to entertain family and friends and test their skills for a prize," President Trump said in a statement via the White House. "During the turn of the 18th century, these competitions grew in popularity and legends like Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley began to enthrall audiences around the world." 

"Today, talented Americans rigorously train for worldwide competitions, including the Olympic and Paralympics Games," the president continued. "Whether amateur or professional, shooting sport athletes possess the traits that characterize the best of our Nation—they are disciplined, determined, passionate, and confident."

To help kick off the National Sports Shooting Month, U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke joined fellow shooters at The Range of Richfield in Wisconsin to try out a variety of firearms. 

 "Be safe, and let's go shooting," Secretary Zinke said in the video published by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

"America’s millions of first-time firearm owners will find National Shooting Sports Month in August a great time to pursue training and learn about the dozens of target shooting sports they can enjoy with their newly purchased firearm," NSSF officials said in a written statement.

Earlier this year, President Trump signed the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act into law. This new law provides support to state wildlife management agencies to construct or expand shooting ranges across the nation. The goal is to provide more opportunities for American citizens to safely and properly learn marksmanship skills.

"My Administration has also expanded access to America’s public lands, opening millions of acres for use, including by hunters and recreational shooters," the president added. "And, in June, my Administration announced a plan to open an additional 1.4 million acres in national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries to new or expanded hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities."

Blue Wonder Gun Care Products Company President Bob Price added, "Whether you are a hunter, a competition shooter, or carry on the American historical traditions through Cowboy Action Shooting, you have a stake in preserving our 2nd Amendment rights."

"Blue Wonder has been providing award-winning gun cleaning, lubrication, and refinishing products for nearly 19 years," Price continued. "Our products are used by professional shooters, competition shooters, and those who just enjoy a fun day at the range. We are proud to support the rights of our customers to keep and bear arms."

In celebration of National Sports Shooting Month, Blue Wonder Gun Care Products will offer promotions and discounts throughout the month of August.

"As we celebrate this National Shooting Sports Month," President Trump concluded, "I encourage all those participating in recreational and sport shooting activities to continue to learn from this tradition and to promote a culture of safety and responsibility."


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